Top Destination : OUARZAZATE


Starting point for excursions into the valleys of the Draa , Dades and Sous , and to Zagora , Erfoud and Tineghir , Ouarzazate is also an important tourist and craft center at 204 km and 376 km from Marrakech to Agadir.



At one time residence of the Pasha of Marrakech , is built of adobe with crenellated towers. The old quarters of the Glaoui , the dining room and the favorite to retain its decoration painted stucco and cedar wood ceilings are visited.


Facing the kasbah of Taourirt , hosts workshops that manufacture and sell objects of stone, pottery and carpets. In this region are typical of Ouarzazate and the Djebel Siroua , also called ” Ouzguita ” which are particularly appreciated and are characterized by their orange background, with blue patterns , brown, yellow or black following very complicated compositions , made of wool silky .


Old fort , now houses a hotel and restaurant.

-MARSH – ED EL MANSOUR Dahbi ( 13km )

Regulates the flow of Dra and allows the irrigation of 14,000 ha. Valley .


Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is the most imposing ksar of southern Morocco. His numerous crenellated towers seem attached to the mountain. Very well maintained , has served as the setting for numerous movies . Stroll through its narrow streets , you can visit some houses , and upon reaching the tower of the old kasbah : panoramic view of the region with the High Atlas in the background.


It is known as the valley of a thousand kasbahs and although the figure is exaggerated , the truth is they are very numerous.


After passing through a semi-desert region , you get to a huge palm grove in which the village is located . As in the whole area, for the production of roses and rose water essence are grown. Oasis also collects gardens with lush vegetation amid the roses contrasting with some beautiful kasbahs like Amerhidil .


Important fortified village located 1467 m . altitude . It is the capital of the cultivation of the rose and the right place to buy water, cream or rose essence . In May there moussem Rose with interesting folk events .


From the top of the city the view is spectacular ocher here and there of Ksours and kasbahs , the river and the different shades of green cultivated , bare stone north of the High Atlas are fields .

-IMITER (127km)

Ksar of a thousand, several groups of kasbahs along about 2 km.


And Ksar Aït Atta kasbah of on the oued Imiter .